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Welcome to Insight Agency,

Independent Insurance Broker-Agent Services:line of coverage

• Fire and Casualty for business and home;
• Expert advice on insurance value;
• Group and Individual Health Plans and
   compliance expertise;
• Shopping services for all lines of insurance;
• Life Coverage, including term and permanent insurance;
• Consultation on best practices for transferring risk;
• Safety programs for best prevention practices;
• Advice on coverage and carriers.

We make it easy to manage savings on insurance. Email us at or click to our blog: New Insights & Best Practices.

Get your home, auto, life, general business liability, and workers comp, quote today. As well as health quotes from KAISER / Anthem Blue Cross.

  521 College Ave, suite 111 
  P.O. Box 5230
  Santa Rosa, CA 95402
  LIC# 0B38235





Your privacy is important to us. Your business and personal information will be utilized only for your insurance business, and will otherwise be kept confidential. We do not sell your information.


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