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About Insight Agency Insurance Services

We have over 15 years experience as independent insurance broker-agents on complex commercial accounts. We maintain California State agent licenses in Property/Casualty, Accident and Health, and Life Insurance. We also offer homeowners and personal auto coverage.

Although we often start with one small slice of a new client’s insurance business, our forte is management of whole insurance accounts for our clients, including all types of business insurance and employee benefits. Most of our clients maintain four or more policies of insurance and/or benefits through Insight Agency…and we continue to earn more of their business all the time.

We consult with our clients to help them manage their risk and insurance programs comprehensively. Our expert service is prompt, attentive, personal and efficient. New certificates of insurance and vehicle insurance ID cards are typically provided the same day as requested, and large schedules of renewal certificates and vehicle ID cards are provided in advance of renewal dates.

All of our clients are headquartered in California. We insure businesses with workforces of over 100 employees, fleets of over 100 vehicles, operations in numerous states and foreign countries, and with multiple locations and job sites…But we also insure single location mom and pop businesses who need our expertise and value.

We strive to be instrumental in loss prevention because it helps us keep your insurance prices low when you have few or no claims in recent years.

We are independent insurance broker-agents, and we cut your costs for insurance and benefits.


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